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Rush-Kent advises a client to better protect themselves by purchasing higher limits for uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage under their auto policy.  Three years later, the client is struck while crossing the street and seriously injured by an uninsured motorist.  The resulting claim  totals $100,000.

An audit is completed on a client's Workers' Compensation policy and an independent contractor is classified as an employee.   As a result, the client is charged additional premium.  Rush-Kent reviewed the audit, discovered the discrepancy and convinced the insurer to correctly classify the independent contractor per the new Massachusetts law, saving the client money.

A business owner bought a Maritime Employer's Liability policy from another agent for a $5,000 premium.  Rush-Kent reviewed the policy and discovered that it did not cover employees as the client thought.  Rush-Kent placed proper coverage for the client for under $100.00.

An insurer threatened to non-renew a client's $3 million personal umbrella due to the presence of a youthful driver in the household.  Rush-Kent intervened on the client's behalf and convinced the insurer to renew with no change in premium.

A client purchased a new policy for their primary residence.  The policy was issued by the insurer with the wrong rating territory.  Rush-Kent reviewed the newly issued policy, discovered the error and corrected the policy.  

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